Video Production and Motion Graphics
While at, besides traditional graphic design work, my other tasks involved producing videos for
Youtube and Instagram. Most videos were shot on a Sony A7r2 and occasionally a Canon 1Dmk2.
Videos were edited in Premiere Pro and motion graphics created in After Effects.

(detailed descriptions below) Parallex Outros: I created these motion graphics in After Effects to help advertise's online marketplace that we started spruiking at the end of the our videos. Parallex is a technique where you cut out different pieces of the same photograph and make the pieces move at different speeds and directions. It gives the illusion of depth, or 'fake 3D'. 

Niseko Secrets Eats: My co-workers flew to Japan and shot all the film for this video. When they returned I was handed all their footage to edit and add music and graphics to. It turned out as one of our better videos.

2018 Capita Horrorscope: One of our mini 'on snow' reviews. These quick reviews worked well. They were gritty, snappy and kinetic, holding the attentions viewer and getting the info across in short space of time. Footage was taken by a few of us. Editing, music and motion graphics were done by myself. Marketplace Ads: Once our marketplace opened online we needed to advertise it in many different places. I made a whole series of ads using footage from suppliers but integrating our logo and occasionally music in
interesting ways.
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