Kid Aquarius
Kid Aquarius was a visual effects shot I produced while studying Film and 3D Animation at AIE Sydney in 2015.

The inspiration came from an illustration I drew many years ago. The story was about a young boy diving for treasure with his father, an experienced ship captain and deep sea diver and treasure hunter. Whilst deep beneath the sea, they encounter a sea witch that banishes them to separate dream worlds from which they can't escape. He encounters many fantastical creatures there on his journey to find his father and return to the real world.
The character was modelled in Autodesk Maya and Zbrush, and animated in Maya.
The backplate was simply a photograph I took at my parents house. 
Texturing was done with Quixel Suite and Photoshop. 
The final video was composited together with a combination of Nuke and After Effects.
The character was remodelled several times to get the proportions exactly right.
(below are early concepts through to final model)
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